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About Us

The power of knowledge is immeasurable. JobberTechTalk delivers a summation of perspectives in an effort to stimulate innovative personal, professional, and community advancement around technology.

We look forward to continuing to highlight exciting and relevant topics within tech and exploring technology initiatives within industries and companies that are not necessarily considered tech giants but are leading the way in innovation. Technology is no longer just the computer guys who are kept in a separate room away from everything…and everyone else. Technology is an intricate detail in every aspect of business and can no longer just be a side thought.

We are a group of passionate technologists and the goal of JobberTechTalk is to open the door to discussions that currently are not even on the table outside the walls of the tech organizations. We don’t publish white papers, we publish perspectives directly from the Tech Execs who are blazing the trails of technology advancement.

Technology is the key to advancement in every industry for the 21st Century and we need to feed that perspective and enlighten both current technology professionals and those of the future to ensure we invest in building a sustainable ecosystem of technology innovation and advancement.

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