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Building The Best Teams: Human vs. Software – By Kathleen Brenk

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Author: Kathleen Brenk, HR Strategist

I think most people would agree that recruiting and the candidate experience need a major overhaul. Companies need to truly differentiate themselves with a well thought-out employer brand and talent acquisition strategy. A job description and a careers page aren’t cutting it anymore. Our friend Kathleen Brenk has seen it through the eyes of HR and her experience across many different industries. One alarming trend she talks about below is robo-recruiting.

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No one is reading your resume.

It’s true. Well, no human is reading your resume. A software system is reading it. It scans for keywords then through the magic of technology, it finds the perfect candidate.  But wait, you’re the hiring manager and you diligently review the resumes provided by your talent / HR / people professionals! Guess what? That person or team of people has far too many requisitions to manage and resumes to review.  On top of all that they have phone screening, scheduling, and candidate follow-up to handle. So, they don’t read those resumes. They use technology – any HRIS system has this functionality. CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, etc. all have the same.

Guess what else? That HR professional is using the data provided by you; probably a position specification or job description. Take a minute and think about the roles that report to you. When was the last time you sat down with your HR partner and updated those documents? (HINT: I have worked in HR for 15+ years. I know the answer is likely “they ask me to and I know it’s important but there’s just so much going on, it falls off the list”). If those documents are not accurate, the keyword search engines are inaccurate. So here you are in a tight talent market and the magic system is pulling the wrong candidates.

Technology can solve tons of problems for organizations – especially for managers, employees, candidates and HR. It means none of us have to enter a name and address seventeen times. It means we can do away with paper applications. It means we can manage our benefit plans, have solid compensation data, give real-time feedback, and a host of other things.

Technology cannot replace a human really digging into a person’s background, reviewing their work and education. That work of course takes time. I don’t have the answer, other than investing in a strong Talent Management team. I do know that “robo-recruiting” is not working.  So, I open the discussion to this smart crew, through a POPin session:

What is your organization doing that works? Is there software out there that really does the job? Click on the POPin logo to participate.

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Kathleen Brenk

About Kathleen Brenk

Kathleen Brenk is the HR Strategist for and is responsible for understanding business partner’s needs and translating HR expertise across a broad range of sectors to build robust student apprenticeship programs with both process tenacity and thoughtful relationship management.