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Growing the IoT Ecosystem – By Suzy Gutierrez

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Author: Suzy Gutierrez, Co-Founder and Managing Director for TechrIoT

The future of The Internet of Things (IoT) looks promising. From home automation to SMART cities to industrial optimization, the IoT is bringing more and more things into the digital fold every day, which will likely make the IoT a multi-trillion dollar industry in the near future.  As the IoT becomes more pervasive in our lives we must be open to the changes it will bring. In particular, the IoT will require us to iterate, collaborate, and connect faster than ever before.  Therefore, in order to be successful in leveraging the massive market opportunity in IoT,  it is incumbent upon us to build mutually symbiotic communities where participants can develop productive partnerships, collaborate and ideate at lightening speed.

TechrIoT An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Aiming to Accelerate IoT Innovation

TechrIoT is a hyper-collaborative IoT innovation cluster formed out of a partnership between Arrow Electronics, Innovation Pavilion, and Denver South Economic Development Partnership (DSEDP). By aligning IoT stakeholders in public, private and entrepreneurial ecosystems, TechrIoT has leveraged an ‘embarrassment of riches’ through relationships and resources to emerge as a top IoT innovation cluster.

In less than one year, TechrioT has become the ‘go to’ resource for IoT innovation in Colorado and has plans to expand the brand nationally.  TechrIoT has grown to an active membership of greater than 1,500 individuals through MeetUps and other networking events and by inventorying more than 1,000 IoT companies who may benefit from the hyper-connectedness that the community offers.  Additionally, TechrIoT has attracted an executive advisory board of 25 representatives from F500 organizations and successfully launched its inaugural IoT business accelerator, TechrIoT XLR8. 

TechrIoT also offers programs that address corporate innovation challenges in IoT through the implementation of corporate pilots and IoT Thought Leader Roundtable discussions where executives from non-competing industries convene to identify best practices, current and future trends and strategic management considerations for future competitive advantages in the IoT marketplace.

At the centerpiece of the TechrIoT community is TechrIoT XLR8 (Tech Riot Accelerate).  A best-in-class business accelerator for emerging secondary stage IoT companies.  XLR8 is catapulting IoT innovation through structured workshops, emphasizing access to capital, key customers and supply chain resources. The XLR8 program is delivered in monthly sprints over the course of 6 months fine tuning key concepts in market validation and engineering design validation and mapping the IoT ecosystem to enable high-impact IoT companies to scale faster.

Last, TechrIoT Micro XLR8 offers a condensed version of XLR8 offering hyper-focused, custom business accelerator content in access to capital, key customers and supply chain resources.  This concept is delivered over a period of 2-day workshops to 3-month sprints and may be customized for the specific innovation needs of corporations, universities and public entities who are looking to identify inventive solutions to their own innovation challenges.

What makes TechrIoT so special?  The community. As one can imagine, TechrIoT offers something for everyone.  Whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, manufacturer, supplier, policy maker or simply want to understand the value chain of the IoT continuum, TechrIoT is the ‘go to’ resource for IoT innovation.

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Suzy Gutierrez

About Suzy Gutierrez

Suzy is Co-Founder and Managing Director for TechrIoT (Tech Riot), an Internet of Things (IoT) technology cluster at Innovation Pavilion in Centennial, Colorado. The TechrIoT community brings together corporations, IoT startups, manufacturers, and suppliers in hardware, software, sensors, data, connectivity, security, marketing, finance, and hardware design–to help entrepreneurs ideate, launch and scale the next generation of connected products that will come to shape our world and our lives.