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 JobberTechTalk Subscription

JobberTechTalk and MindSpaceMedia look forward to working with you to create your brand as a Thought Leader in the world of Technology and Career advancement.

Buy Now Button with Credit CardsTechHireNews and JobberTechTalk are products delivered by MindSpace Media, a CTek Company.

Your Subscription Includes

  • Dedicated Editing support for up to 2 blogs per month
  • Publishing, distribution and marketing of up to 2 blogs per month
  • Image selection
  • Title Selection and Coaching
  • Publishing
  • Social Media Marketing and distribution (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Jobber Distribution List)
  • 5 Job Posting Slots
  • Opportunity for Collaborate Content Development with other bloggers in our network (mutual interest must be expressed)
  • Content Curation based on industry and reader insights to help you create meaningful blogs
  • Opportunities for additional content distribution to other Jobber Publishing Partners
  • You retain the rights to all content

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TechHireNews and JobberTechTalk are products delivered by MindSpace Media, a CTek Company. All payments are processed through PayPal and we do not capture or store any of your payment information. PayPal. The safer, easier way to pay.

Why should your business blog on our platform?

Blogging is a method of creating and publishing conversational and meaningful content. Blogs are an easy to use content management system. The value is in the content and ability for companies to leverage the inherent promotion and engagement capabilities of the blog publishing platform. Jobber offers a few key advantages:

  • Easy to use platform to create sharable, linkable content that addresses specific prospect and customer interests
  • Serves as a hub for thought leadership content enhancing your marketing and promotional capabilities
  • Creates a promotable SEO and Social Media asset for you and your organization – every post is a potential destination for a link and an entry point through search engines.

Being published by a 3rd party and pushing your content through multiple channels of discovery is a key value. Having content published on an exclusive platform adds extreme credibility and validity to your content. LinkedIn and Corporate blogs are a thing of the past. How many corporate blogs do you read on a regular basis for your news and insights? We already know the answer to that question, so don’t get caught in the same dying trend.

Positive Search results that return meaningful content from the leaders in your organization is invaluable in advancing your objectives with:

  • Prospects
  • Existing customers
  • Potential employees
  • Marketing partners, investors
  • The media: journalists, bloggers