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Visions From A Startup – Emerging Mexico Startups Taking the World by Storm – By: Jennifer Reyna

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Many people say technology is changing the world and that is true, but many people know that this trend is occurring from every corner of the earth.  As the founder of a technology startup in Mexico City, we are focused on simplifying life for people through technology. As an IoT (Internet of Things) company, we create sensors focused on taking care of and improving the daily routines of people around the world.  Technology allows you to have time for the things that really matter.

Every community, city and even country have their challenges and at BrainFusion we set out to improve the lives of the people of Mexico and many others around the globe.

We are a technology company in the heart of Mexico and we set out to impact one of the biggest industries in the world. The energy industry is continuing to change and though we are in the world of smart grids and selling power back to your utility company the simple use of Propane heating is still leveraged by millions of home owners around the world. There are 5 million stationary propane tanks that still exist in Mexico and 8 million tanks exist in America. You look at the area of South America including Brazil and others and the numbers continue to grow.

IoT is the future of our world and home automation is our focus. There are several issues specific to this market is Mexico…fraud is a problem that many homeowners fall subject to. How much gas are we using, how much is left in our tank and other key metrics that homeowners need to keep track of. Actually tracking the gas spend is key in Mexico. We provide suppliers with a click for delivery…in Mexico there is a completely different industry for propane gas. Our app enables us to manage and provide efficiency for this industry.

As part of a great Startup Incubator in Mexico (StartUpMexico), we want to tell the world that tech in Mexico should be on the map!

We are focused on changing the world and as a part of the Startup Mexico family we are focused on showing the world how IoT is reaching all corners of the globe. Running a startup in Mexico I have to focus on creating an environment for success.

For starters, we have to ensure we are focusing on the right industries.  Home automation is different in Central America than in other areas of the world, but we decided to focus on building a solution that maximizes and leverages technology that is already in place. We are not trying to recreate the world we are just trying to make the world more efficient.

We empower the end user – we focus on the customer, not the industry. We can capture the data, but someone must turn that data into information that can be used as a decision-making tool for consumers. We believe that the IoT is technology that should enable a better quality of life.

The number one reason we will be successful as a Mexico based technology startup is because of our team. We are committed to hiring visionaries. We only have a team of 5 people right now, but I only look for people who love technology and truly believe it can change the world. I love nerds…I’m always fascinated by how my engineers take a business issue that I have presented and turn it into a tangible solution.

Technology is amazing and it is making the world even smaller. Innovation is borderless and we want to leverage technology to turn IoT data into information the right way at the right time…our ultimate vision is to use innovation to make the lives around us better.

Learn more about StartupMexico & Brain Fusion today!

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